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KRAB Then and Now

The agency was founded in 1996 by Bożena and Andrzej Korczak - partners in business and in life with over twenty years of experience in the music industry. KRAB began as a small management agency representing several Polish rock bands, but already in its first several years the company broadened its focus to include jazz, classical, pop, and variety show performers, as well as a pantomime theatre troupe. At the same time, the KRAB team evolved toward broadening its range of services. Within a few years, KRAB was booking artists, organizing concert tours, producing albums, and planning special events for corporate clients. KRAB has proven itself a successful talent manager and event organizer, as well as a flexible and reliable team player whenever sub-contracted by another agency to help put on a great show.

The agency continues to collaborate regularly with Poland's most acclaimed performers, as well as with the music industry's top service providers. KRAB president Andrzej Korczak is the founder and chairman of the Polish Music Managers' Forum (SMAP), one of Poland's main industry associations. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the Polish Music Foundation.

KRAB employees love to play as hard as they work and this spirit fits right at home in the plush and wacky company headquarters located in the heart of Warsaw. (KRAB artists must appreciate the laid back atmosphere and passionate energy that reign in the office, because they're always visiting...) As we look back at the journey we've taken since our beginnings, one word comes to mind: FASCINATING. Often, we're asked, What's next? Our answer: We can't wait to find out

Our Philosophy

On Culture

We realize that every project we realize affects in some way the entire Polish cultural landscape. That's a big responsibility, because culture is a delicate thing and it's easy to muck it-up and then it's very hard to repair a nasty reputation. That's why we pay so much attention to every detail of every project we work on, no matter how minor it may seem.

On Creativity and Professionalism

When we tackle a project we place tremendous emphasis on creativity, originality, and unconventional thinking. But when it comes to delivering the goods, we are first of all on time and 100% accountable. If we take it on, it will be done-period. If we have any doubt about meeting a client's needs or a deadline, we don't take the job.

On Openness

We're an open book, at every stage of the game. A KRAB estimate is an honest one and we guarantee no hidden costs, ever. We believe in being forthcoming and respectful in all dealings with existing and potential clients, all the time.

On Price

Touchy subject, money. But we don't beat around the bush: No, we're not cheap. Excellent artists and top-grade service come at a price. Again and again we find proof that, paradoxically, limited budgets leave no room for cheap solutions

In the end, cutting costs, compromising values, and replacing quality with generic stand-ins ends up costing much more money and a lot more time. But the real loss comes with the blow to one's reputation. If price is a potential client's only concern, we advise awarding that particular business to our cheaper competition.

On Respect

We hold our clients and artists in the highest regard. (After all, it's thanks to them that we have been in business since '96.) We aim to please and we go out of our way to keep our clients satisfied, even if that means bending over backwards. Our artists can count on our constant attention and care. We just might be the only agency in our market that compensates artists on the day of the performance-often long before we get paid ourselves. Because we keep our end of the bargain no matter what, we've come to expect reciprocity from our clients. We are fortunate that our working relationships are built on a two-way flow of accountability, punctuality, and timeliness with money matters.

On Service

Unlike a lot of our competition, we believe in realizing our clients' goals-not our own. Yes, we're good at generating ideas, but we believe that in the end it's the client who has the final say on a project. We're just the ones making it happen... seamlessly.

On Synergy

We believe in the power of synergy. Whether it's a concert, a promotional event, or a team-building corporate affair, the ultimate success depends on good communication, cooperation, and mutual support among all of the players involved, including the client, the artists, the sponsors, tech support, and KRAB's employees and sub-contractors. We're pleased to say that we have a knack for cranking out the team spirit...

On Competition

In our tight-knit industry, we share projects with other companies-that is, we end up having to work together with our direct competitors. Now, we believe that there's a time and place for competition-but it's not when a client's business is at stake. Instead, we think collaboration yields better results than one-upmanship whenever we find ourselves playing on a bigger team.

On Life

We love it. We're among the few who can honestly say that our daily bread and our life's passion are one. Of course putting on a great show takes hard work-but it should never lack the element of play, either. We want our work to be a source of fun and enjoyment for our clients, our sponsors, our audiences, and ourselves. We like to keep the motto CARPE DIEM fresh in our minds.

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